Sharpcast – online photo albums and archiving

October 4, 2006

Sharpcast – archives your photos offsite AND share them with friends via photo albums.


  • Looks very easy to use.
  • Solve the photo sharing AND backup solutions at once.
  • Drag your photos from your PC desktop (no Mac) onto their desktop application into an album. They upload the photo to their website and then you can share the albums via your contact list.
  • Changes you make to your photo files on your PC are automatically synchronized with the online albums.
  • Easily sync your photos from your albums to another PC.
  • Even share photos with your camera phone (if you care).
  • Can do rudimentary editing of your photos on Sharpcast’s site and the changes are downloaded to your PC, for true bi-directional editing.


  • Still in beta,
  • no price estimates yet,
  • beta storage limited to 2Gb.

c|net did a good review and comparison with competing product Phanfare (which I’ve looked at briefly before). They actually preferred Phanfare, primarily because it also supports video.

Updated 3/6/07

I just checked out SharpCast again and it looks like they’re out of beta and it’s still free?! Don’t know how, but I’m going to give it a look when I get home!

Updated 3/7/07

I just joined SharpCast and added some photos to an album. All pretty easy (except that sometimes I only keep the RAW files. But SharpCast only supports JPEG files. And it turns out the automatic backup of your original photos is not free, but $65 per year! Oh well!

But it’s pretty easy, lets you make minor photo edits, add captions, share albums, etc. And your friends do not have to register with SharpCast in order to view your albums, unlike some other sites. Your friends can see your photos in a nice slide show format.

They have a “widget” that supposedly will show your SharpCast album on your blog, but I can’t seem to get it to work here.


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