Norton Internet Security 2007 – Editor’s Choice

October 4, 2006

PC Magazine just reviewed Norton Internet Security 2007 suite and made it their Editor’s Choice, topping my current favorite ZoneAlarm Suite.

The big improvement is that it operates much more quietly now, no longer popping up warnings repeatedly.  But it still protects you just as well as before.   Instead it just deals with them silently and stops bugging you.  Frankly, I get tired of seeing those warning when I install a software update.

PC Magazine’s summary paragraph:

<blockquote>”NIS 2007 gives you best-in-class firewall, antivirus, and antispyware protection, and those are the most important elements of a security suite. It may let too much spam into the inbox, and its privacy and parental control features are limited, but those features just aren’t as important. I prefer that combination of strengths and weaknesses to those of ZoneAlarm, which has fantastic spam filtering but relatively poor spyware protection. These factors plus the silent wisdom of the firewall’s program control make NIS 2007 the new PC Magazine Editor’s Choice for security suite.”</blockquote>

Read the <a href=”,1895,2023974,00.asp&#8221; target=”_blank”>complete review here</a>.

The list price is $70, a little pricey, but this does <b>everything</b> you’ll need for complete computer protection from hackers.

Even better, Staples lists it for $59.95.  But buy it before Oct 14th, 2006, and get a $30 mail-in rebate, so your final price is only $29.95.  The best news?  The rebate is not just for upgraders only, unlike most of Norton’s rebates!

“Honey?  Where are my car keys?  I gotta go to Staples!”



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