October 4, 2006 is an offsite backup software/service that’s marketed especially to digital photographers, but it will back up your documents and other files as well (if you tell it to). You install the software on your PC (no Mac version yet) and then you can just tell it to scan your machine and back up all your photos.

Or you can point it at specific folders (like My Pictures) and it will backup any photos it finds anywhere in there. Then it will watch for any new files or changes to the files, and back them up to their servers.

If your PC’s hard drive crashes, you can start the recovery process with just a few clicks (after you get the machine back up!) . Then ProtectMyPhotos will restore everything you backed up to where it originally came from.

Special Features:

  • One feature that similar services don’t offer is the ability to view your files from any PC via a web browser. I use Carbonite, which doesn’t offer that a feature, and I miss it at least once a week.
  • Another is that they save multiple versions of your files. So if you make a major edit to a photo, save it over the original shot (bad idea!), and then a week later decide you want the original back, you can restore that version. No word on whether the multiple versions count against your storage limits (see below).

This c|net review in August said ProtectMyPhotos is even simpler than Carbonite, which is pretty darn simple.

The price is excellent too, $39.95 per year for up to 25Gb 40Gb of files.

That wouldn’t hold everything a professional photographer would shoot, but it’s pretty darn good. By comparison, Carbonite charges $50 per year, but says they offer unlimited storage. I have 22Gb with Carbonite now (including My Music files), so I’m pretty unlikely to switch since my storage needs are just going to keep growing (and growing and growing).  Also, Carbonite supports all file types, not just photos, so my taxes, business correspondence, etc. are backed up with them, which ProtectMyPhotos wouldn’t support.


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  1. Cliff Shaw Says:


    Saw your entry on I might point out that we’ve upped the storage limit from 25 GB to 40 GB with no change in price. We might just have enough for you now if you do still miss those features once per week. 😉


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