gliffy – the diagram editor in your web browser

March 2, 2007

Very slick, easy to use, shareable, version history, supports links from Confluence. Free signup.

Cool stuff for geeks!

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Since Gliffy runs in your web browser, there is no need to download any additional software to use
it. By leveraging new web technologies, Gliffy brings you a familiar desktop application feel
in a web browser. Features such as copy,paste and undo are all a part of this advanced web

Gliffy has two ways to make document sharing simple. Collaboration enables
others to see and edit your work by simply entering their email address. Publishing creates a
read-only image of your diagram that you can easily embed in a wiki, blog, or other type of web

  powered by clipmarks

One Response to “gliffy – the diagram editor in your web browser”

  1. Debi K Says:

    Thanks for the mention of Gliffy. We are very appreciative. If you have any suggestions and/or feedback please drop us a line at our newly revamped website! Thanks,
    debik at gliffy dot com

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