Word 2007 Map Editor for Mindjet MindManager

March 6, 2007

I just found this PC Magazine review of a new mindmapping tool, and add-on for Word 2007

Their intro:

“This tool for the excellent MindManager program allows for a degree of collaboration that was once impossible for users who didn’t own the program. Now users with Office 2007 can collaborate with MindManager users with no loss of information, though Word users will find that the program takes a little getting used to.”

Complete review is here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,2091652,00.asp

You can get more info on this at MindJet’s website, buried in a newsletter article.  Oddly, the link to the specific page about this tool didn’t work!

MindJet describes it in the newsletter as:

“The free Word 2007 Map Editor for Mindjet® MindManager® enables you to use Word 2007 to open and edit information captured in MindManager visual “maps.” You can then send the edited Word document back to MindManager users, who will see these changes reflected in the original map.”

My employer actually bought a site license so all college staff can use it (and students can buy it at a major discount), so this add-on might not be useful here (even if we’d upgraded to Office 2007, which we haven’t and probably won’t for at least 6 months!).  But it could definitely have use with outside vendors and such!


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