Apex Database Objects

January 24, 2008

1. Workspace files: apex_workspace_files

includes columns for:

file_name – name of file uploaded

file_id – unique identifier

application_id – application number

workspace_name – should always be your workspace

mime_type – e.g. text/plain, image/gif, application/excel

file_size – file size in bytes

created_by – e.g. APEX_PUBLIC_USER

created_on – sysdate

document – blob that contains contents of uploaded file

2. Apex access log: apex_workspace_access_log

Creates log record every time you log into application via Apex standard login page (I think).  Must be workspace and Apex-owner schema-specific?

Columns include:


seconds_ago – how log ago the access happened – dynamic?


authentication_result – e.g. AUTH_SUCCESS

custom_status_text – ?

3. Apex summary log: apex_workspace_log_summary

Includes columns:





first_view – date/time

last_view – date/time


4. Application activity log: apex_workspace_activity_log

Logs internal (Apex) as well as pages accessed in your application.

Columns include:



application_schema_owner – e.g. STEW_STRYKER


page_name – e.g. Load Import File – new


error_message – e.g. ORA-00904: “ADDRESS_LINE_2_BILLING”: invalid identifier

error_on_component_type – report

error_on_component_name – Review Participants

5. Apex view definitions: apex_dictionary

Lists all views and their columns.  The view columns are documented in this table in the Comments column.

To get a list of Apex Views

SELECT DISTINCT apex_view_name FROM apex_dictionary;

6. Installation-specific?

V3 Apex schema: flows_030000


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