Google’s Chrome browser down but not out

September 26, 2008

[I know this is a bit off-topic for me, but thought it was worth sharing. – Stew]

I happened to catch yesterday’s column in the LA Times titled “Google’s Chrome: Brand new but not so shiny?” by Jessica Guynn.  The point was that Chrome came out with a flurry but it hasn’t affected the total market share of browsers yet.

I had to write the following reply to her, which follows:

I was disappointed that you focused Chrome not taking over the browser market within 2 weeks after it was released.  How negative can you get saying it lost its initial market share gain, rather than reporting that Chrome attracted such interest when it first came out.  I was one of the early-adopters/geeks that downloaded it the day after it was released.  I think it shows strong potential.

I’m using it to send this note, but I have gone back to FireFox for most of my browsing.  Why?  For the same reason everyone else did – this is beta software! I can’t believe your column didn’t mention that little detail anywhere in it.  I would guess that everyone who’s tried Chrome has said

“Hey that’s pretty cool and wicked fast.  I can’t wait until it supports all the great FireFox addons I’m used to, but I gotta get work done so back to FireFox or IE.”

So give credit where credit’s due, huh?

BTW, I have no business relationship with Google other than as a user.
That’s my rant for the day.  Thanks for visiting.


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