Apex Navigation Bar Entries

October 15, 2008

Maybe someone can suggest a better way?

I’m at a loss to understand why I can’t easily stack these nav bar entries.

Nav Bar with no New Line


Notice that Help is on the same line as Logout, because I have both set to not start on a new line.

But I’d really prefer to stack them over eachother.

Nav Bar with New Line on Logout


I’ve tried setting each nav bar entry to start on a new line, but when I do that, the default Logout entry shows up on the far left, above the application title, as you can see above.

But if the Help sequence is before the Logout entry’s sequence (which is what I want), why does Logout appear on the previous line???

Forcing them to Stack


The only way I could stack them the way I want is to add <br> at the end of the Icon Subtext for the Help entry.

Does anyone have a better way?

BTW, I created this post with a new documentation tool I’m trying out – ScreenSteps2.  It lets you quickly take screenshots, annotate them, add a bit of text and output to PDF, HTML, a blog/wiki or their hosting site.  Very quick, very basic, decent output, cheap price.  I’m going to try to get work to pay for it, but it’s only $40, so very affordable.

2 Responses to “Apex Navigation Bar Entries”

  1. Patrick Wolf Says:


    I think that’s a bug of the navigation bar. I think what happens in case the “New Line” is set is that

    1) For the “Help” entry the navbar is generated (with the surrounding div) and the #NAVIGATION_BAR# placeholder in the page template is replaced.
    2) For the “Logout” the navigation bar entry (just the link without the div) is generated and because there is no #NAVIGATION_BAR# placeholder available anymore, a fallback mechanism takes place to put it at the beginning of the page.

    You should post it as a bug report on the forum and provide a test case.


  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?

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