Presenting Kanban at ODTUG’s Kscope 2013

December 20, 2012

I’m psyched that my proposal has been accepted to present on the Kanban methodology at next year’s (Oracle Developer Tool Users Group) Kaleidoscope conference.  Though I have no idea how I’m going to cram all the cool stuff about this awesome task management methodology into the allotted time, without talking way too fast!  Maybe I should use the technique of 500 slides that rip along at one every 5 seconds?  I saw that once and it was very cool.

Title: Using Kanban to increase your development throughput

Topic: Building Better Software – Subtopic: Agile

Description: The Kanban methodology was developed at Toyota in the 1940’s as a production line scheduling tool for just-in-time building. It’s been adapted to software development as a way to improve software delivery throughput, reliability and customer satisfaction in an IT/programming environment, while having significantly lower overhead than most Agile implementations. This session will cover the basics of the Kanban methodology and how it applies in development environments, focusing on the improvements to team productivity and improved relationships with software consumers. It will also present a case study of Dartmouth College’s IMS team implementation of Kanban during the past 2 years, including our implementation of Kanban, immediate productivity benefits, changes to long-term relationships with end-user departments and the improvement in the team’s reputation, morale and productivity.

Link: Kanban to increase your development throughput

I hope to see plenty of you there!  Hey anyone want to share a room?  I’m self-funding this time!  🙂


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