Welcome to my new blog site.I’m a computer programmer and I love checking out software tools, especially for photography and programming. This is where I’ll blather about my favorites. I’m definitely open to feedback on my commentaries.  I don’t know if I’ll ever do complete reviews, more like mini-reviews as reminders to me of cool stuff I’ve found.


One Response to “About”

  1. francoise Says:

    Hello from France !

    As I suck in computers and am not very interested, I m not able to comment, but the ignorant I am thinks that your blog looks very interesting for the computers geeks. I m giving your adress to some friends … the ones I always call when I have some machine issue !

    I came here by mere chance after reading a comment you left on WordsmithAtWar blog. I found your comment very nice, full of empathy and emotion. I don t support the war either, but even if I m a foreigner I do support the troops and also the people of America. I just wanted to tell you that we Frenchs are not that bunch of pinkos who hate Americans, as you might think. We just do hate to see young American guys getting killed or losing limbs. Or coming back home with too many nightmares in their minds.

    Thanks for helping vets. It s breaking my heart just to think about them.

    Take care, be happy !

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