November 25, 2010

People who read this blog probably need to share bits of source code or other text on a regular basis, eh?

I just stumbled upon the site, which lets anyone share chunks of text, then provide a link so others can access it.  Most clippings are shared publicly and have no identifying information.  You can also create private text clips or create folders for sharing multiple chunks privately, though the protection is limited to those who know the name of your private folder, so very weak!

It’s ad-supported, searchable and even provides an API for posting (anyone interested in building an Apex application to create and share a private folder???).  It has a syntax-formatter to highlight your source for a variety of languages.

There’s not much to it, but it definitely fills a need.  While I was looking it over (on Thanksgiving Day), dozens of people were adding new clippings every few minutes.  Though many of them are just posts of BitTorrent download sites for various search phrases (e.g. Harry Potter Goblets of Fire), so I doubt anyone would want to spend time searching the archives for other people’s clippings.